President Trump’s former campaign manager stressed the President’s support

Litchfield, MN – Today, the Fischbach for Congress campaign announced that the Honorable Kellyanne Conway was a special guest during a virtual event on Monday, August 10. The online forum featured remarks from Ms. Conway and questions from participants.  Ms. Conway stressed the importance of Minnesota to the President as well as his strong support for Fischbach’s campaign.

“Since 2016, what the democrat party has become is unrecognizable to me, as somebody who has plenty of democrats in my family growing up,” explained Ms. Conway. “The choice could not be more stark; the stakes could not be any higher. We need to make sure we have people like Michelle in Congress, who will fight every single day on behalf of an agenda that is for freedom and free markets, and will fight every single day on behalf of you.”

“It was an honor to welcome Ms. Conway to join us for an event,” said Fischbach. “As the first woman in U.S history to run a successful presidential campaign, we were inspired to learn more about her story, her motivation, and her insights about leadership.”

Ms. Conway was working as a Republican pollster when then-candidate Donald Trump asked her to be his campaign manager in August 2016.