Protecting Life 

We must protect the unborn, who have the fundamental right to life, and
defend the sanctity of innocent human life at all stages. I have been standing
up to efforts by the radical left to promote infanticide and taxpayer-funded
abortions. We still have so much work to do to change hearts and minds to
understand that the pro-life community strives to protect the mother and the
child. I am proudly pro-life and will always support legislation that protects
innocent human life at all stages.

Scorecard: Michelle has a lifetime voting record of 100% with National
Right to Life.

Defending the Second Amendment

We must defend our right to keep and bear arms. The United States
Constitution is unambiguous: our right to keep and bear arms shall not be
infringed. Period. I will stand up to efforts by the radical left to abolish the
Second Amendment and confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens. I will
defend the Constitution and vote to protect the right of every lawful gun owner
in the United States to keep America free.

Scorecard: Michelle has a lifetime “A” rating with the National Rifle
Association and the Gun Owners of America.

Securing Our Borders 

We must secure our borders and finish building the southern border wall. I will
stand up to efforts by the radical left to abolish Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) and promote open borders and sanctuary cities. We need
to work with law enforcement officials to restore the rule of law and order, and
support ICE agents as they remove unlawful entrants and violent gang
members from our county to keep America safe.

Supporting Our Farmers

Farmers and ranchers are the backbone of our economy in western Minnesota. Too often our farmers and ranchers face unnecessary challenges that hamper their ability to bring their goods to the market. I will work to support efforts to secure good trade deals for our farmers, rebuild outdated infrastructure to create greater rural prosperity, and invest in workforce development programs that prepare our workers for the jobs of tomorrow. I also oppose the Green New Deal initiatives, which are effectively an attack on rural America.

Fiscal Responsibility

I carried the “Zero Based Budgeting” Bill while in the Minnesota State Senate, and brought that same philosophy to Washington, D.C. With Zero Based Budgeting, the budget would start from ZERO rather than the current approach of adjusting up or down from existing spending levels. Each department would need to justify the effectiveness of their programs in order to continue to receive funding for them. We need to understand better, not only for transparency but for accountability, what’s in the sprawling federal budget because Washington has a spending problem.

Honoring Our Veterans

We must honor our commitment to the brave men and women of our United States military, who make great sacrifices to protect our country and keep America safe. While serving, we must make sure they have the tools they need to complete their mission. After serving, our veterans deserve to be welcomed home with honor by a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that puts them and their families first.

Backing the Blue

The vast majority of law enforcement officers take their duty to serve and protect, not just as a job, but as a commitment to our communities. Law enforcement officers encounter everything from violent crimes to teaching children about community safety. They deserve our respect and support through programs to help recruit new officers and provide appropriate training and equipment.

Fixing Our Broken Healthcare System

We must fix our broken health care system to give American families better access to high-quality, affordable health care plans. Obamacare was a disaster that took important health care choices away from millions of Americans, and has doubled healthcare costs for families, despite its misleading name. I will work to protect the promises we have made to our seniors and pass patient-centered reforms that increase competition and lower costs, without sacrificing protections for individuals with preexisting conditions.

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