Fischbach Statement on Peterson Announcement

LITCHFIELD, MN – Following the news that Collin Peterson will seek reelection in Minnesota’s 7th District, Trump endorsed candidate and former Lt. Governor Michelle Fischbach released the following statement:

“I look forward to holding Collin Peterson accountable over the next eight months for his record of enabling the socialists in his party and obstructing President Trump’s agenda by voting against the president over 75% of the time.

“Collin has only added to our country’s division by voting for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and enabling her to unleash her partisan impeachment sham against President Trump.

“The people of the 7th District support President Trump, and they will soundly reject Collin Peterson and the socialist policies of open borders, free health care for illegal immigrants, taxpayer-funded abortion, and mandatory gun buyback programs that his preferred presidential candidate supports.”