Fischbach’s Conservative Record – Fighting the Radical Left

Note: Actions in bold are from the 118th Congress. Non-bold actions are from the 117th.

Protecting Freedoms

  • Voted to pass H.R. 5, the Parents Bill of Rights to protect key parental rights, ensuring schools are a place of learning and growth, and that parents can have an influence in the schools while fear of reprisal.
  • Co-sponsored and voted for the resolution to end the national emergency response to COVID. (H.J.Res 7)
  • Co-sponsored and voted for the resolution denouncing the horrors of socialism. (H.Con.Res 9)
  • Co-sponsored bill to provide protections for health care providers that refuse to participate in abortions based on religious beliefs or other convictions. (H.R. 6060, Conscience Protection Act)
  • Authored bill to prioritize parental choice and open the doors for more home-, family-, and faith-based child care options. (H.R. 1963, Child Care Choices Act)


  • Co-Chair of the House Pro-Life Caucus
  • Authored the Health, Opportunity, Protecting Life, Education, or HOPE Act, to support positive alternatives to abortion by increasing access to care, information, and resources. (H.R. 1126)
  • Authored bill to prohibit federal funding to entities that perform abortions. (H.R. 372, Protecting Life and Taxpayers Act of 2023)
  • Authored bill to defund Planned Parenthood. (H.R. 371 Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2023)
  • Co-sponsored bill to declare that life begins at conception, and therefore, is entitled to legal protection from that point forward. (H.R. 431, Life at Conception Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to prohibit abortions when an unborn child’s heartbeat is detected. (H.R. 175, Heartbeat Protection Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to ensure that infants born alive after an attempted abortion receive the same protection of law and degree of care as any newborn. (H.R. 26, Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act)
  • Co-sponsored No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, H.R. 7

Second Amendment

  • Co-sponsored bill to prohibit financial institutions and credit card companies from using a merchant category code that separately categorizes gun and ammunition transactions. (H.R. 3021, Protecting the Second Amendment in Financial Services Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to protect law-abiding citizens’ rights to conceal carry and travel freely between states without worrying about conflicting state codes or onerous civil suits. (H.R. 38, Conceal Carry Reciprocity Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to prevent corporate entities from profiting from taxpayer-funded federal contracts while discriminating against the firearm industry at the same time. (H.R. 53, FIND Act)
  • Co-sponsored and voted for the resolution to block the stabilizing braces rule for firearms. (H.J.Res. 44)
  • Co-sponsored bill to prohibit federal funding of state firearm ownership databases. (H.R. 1827, Gun Owner Registration Information Protection Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to remove the category of “any other weapon” from the definition of firearm under the National Firearms Act and require the Department of Justice to destroy any records relating to the registration of any other weapon within one year of enactment. (H.R. 6817, No Backdoor Gun Control Act)
  • Authored amendments to protect Pittman-Robertson funding and to exempt stabilizing braces from the Assault Weapons Ban. (H.R. 1808)

Election Integrity

  • Co-sponsored the American Confidence in Elections Act, which provides states with improved tools to strengthen election integrity and mandatory photo ID to vote. (H.R. 4563)
  • Signed letter with fellow incoming freshman calling for Congressional investigations into the irregularities of the 2020 election. (
  • Voted to reject Presidential Electors from Arizona and Pennsylvania because the allegations of irregularities and fraud were too voluminous to ignore.

Fighting for the District

  • Co-hosted a Ways and Means Committee field hearing titled “Trade in America: Agriculture and Critical Supply Chains” in Kimball on 7/10/23.
  • Co-sponsored bill to prevent California from burdening farmers and ranchers across the country with their radical anti-agriculture regulations. (H.R. 4417, Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to spur investment in undercapitalized or underserved rural communities. (H.R. 3906, Rural Opportunity Zone and Investment Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to protect American food products from unfair trade practices by foreign countries, especially European Union countries’ protectionism over common food names. (H.R. 3423, Safeguarding American Value-Added Exports Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to allow year-round, national sales of ethanol blends higher than 10%. (H.R. 1608, Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to prohibit the use of a market name of a dairy product unless the food comes from a hooved animal. (H.R. 1462, Dairy Pride Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to rebalance the cattle market by easing regulatory barriers and offering U.S. Department of Agriculture meat processing grants for small processors looking to expand. (H.R. 559, Butcher Block Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to expand the use of 529 tax-free savings accounts to non-degree technical training certificate programs. (H.R. 329, American Workforce Empowerment Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to require the Agriculture Secretary to allow emergency haying under the conservation reserve program during nesting season. (H.R. 4710, CRP Flexibility Act)


  • Co-sponsored bill to make permanent provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that affect small businesses. (H.R. 4721, Main Street Tax Certainty Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to prevent President Biden’s global tax surrender from killing American jobs by creating a reciprocal tax applicable to any foreign country that imposes unfair taxes on U.S. businesses. (H.R. 3665, Defending American Jobs and Investment Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to increase the deduction cap for small businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment needed to expand their operations. (H.R. 3661, Small Business Growth Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to make permanent the full and immediate expensing of new investments in the year they are purchased. (H.R. 2406, ALIGN Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to make permanent the enhanced standard deductions for individual filers, which is set to expire in 2025. (H.R. 3270, Permanent Tax Cuts for American Families Act)
  • Co-sponsored resolution to support the importance of the stepped-up basis in preserving family-owned farms and small businesses. (H.Res. 237)


  • Co-sponsored bill to ensure veterans’ access to mental health care in their local communities. (H.R. 3554)
  • Co-sponsored bill to prohibit the VA from sending information to NICS on veterans (or beneficiaries) who need help with managing their benefits. (H.R. 705, Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to update health care and benefits for veterans who have been exposed to toxic substances, including the extension of the eligibility period for VA hospital care, medical services, and nursing home care. (H.R. 6659, Health Care for Burn Pit Veterans Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to prioritize grants in areas with a critical shortage of veterans service officers, areas with high rates of suicide among veterans, and areas with high rates of referrals to the Veterans Crisis Line. (H.R. 4601, Commitment to Veteran Support and Outreach Act)

Congressional Authority

  • Led oversight effort regarding the $200 million + Feeding Our Future fraud. Co-sponsored the Feeding Children not Fraudsters Act of 2023, which strengthens audit and oversight controls over COVID-19 pandemic assistance programs. (H.R. 4786)
  • Co-sponsored bill to prohibit the IRS from establishing new reporting requirements for banks or other financial institutions, such as any transaction over $600. (H.R. 1010, Prohibiting IRS Financial Surveillance Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to return wolf management programs to the states. (H.R. 764, Trust the Science Act)
  • Co-sponsored and voted for the bill to broaden the Congressional Review Act to require congressional approval of major rules—those with an annual price tag of $100 million or more. (H.R. 277, REINS Act)
  • Co-sponsored and voted for the bill to rescind all new IRS funding for 87,000 new agents. (H.R. 23, Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act) 
  • Co-sponsored and voted for the resolution to reverse the Biden Administration’s flawed and burdensome “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule. (H.J.Res 27)
  • Co-sponsored and voted for the resolution to overturn the Department of Labor’s rule to allow plan fiduciaries to consider climate change and other environmental, social and governance factors when they select retirement investments. H.J.Res 30)
  • Co-sponsored resolution for a constitutional amendment to keep the Supreme Court at nine Justices. (H.J.Res 8)
  • Authored a Constitutional Amendment to require the Supreme Court be composed of nine justices. (H.Res 351)


  • Voted to pass H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, to increase domestic energy production, reform permitting processes, reverse the administration’s anti-energy policies, and boost the production and processing of critical minerals. 
  • Co-sponsored bill to restrict the EPA from issuing any waiver for new regulations that would ban the sale or use of new motor vehicles with internal combustion engines. (H.R. 1435, Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act)
  • Co-sponsored resolution that an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy is the most viable approach to energy policy. (H.Res 339)
  • Authored a bill to prohibit the Department of the Interior from entering into a conservation easement with a term of more than 50 years and to give owners of existing easements the option to renegotiate, renew, or buy it out. (H.R 7021, Landowner Easement Rights Act)
  • Co-sponsored legislation to authorize and begin construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline. (H.R. 684)

Foreign Policy

  • Co-sponsored bill to prohibit Chinese acquisition of American farmland. (H.R. 809, Prohibition of Agricultural Land for the PRC Act)
  • Co-sponsored bill to prevent taxpayer funds going to the World Health Organization. (H.R. 343, No Taxpayer Funding for the WHO Act)
  • Authored bill to support Taiwan’s ties and agreements with other countries around the world and push against China’s attempts to interfere with Taiwan’s international relations. (H.R. 6069)

Voting Record by the Numbers

Club for Growth, National Association of Manufacturers scores were not available as of 10/21/22.

American Conservative Union: 82%  (Accessed 10/21/22:

Americans for Prosperity: 89%  (Accessed 10/21/22:

Conservative Review’s “Liberty Score”: 83%  (Accessed 10/21/22: (

FreedomWorks: 87%  (Accessed 10/21/22:

Gun Owners of America: A rated  (Accessed 10/21/22:

Heritage Action: 91%  (Accessed 10/21/22:

National Right to Life: 100%  (Accessed 10/21/22:

National Rifle Association: A rated (Accessed 10/21/22:

National Shooting Sports Foundation: A+ rated (Accessed 10/21/22:
NumbersUSA: 80%  (Accessed 10/21/22:  (