U.S. House Passes H.R. 734 The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act

Bill Summary: The legislation allows women and girls a fair playing field in sports by ensuring that school athletics comply with the Title IX recognition of a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth. This bill ensures that biological females compete against other biological females in women’s sports that are operated, sponsored, or facilitated by a recipient of federal funding.

House Vote: 219-203 (YAY-NAY)

Our Take: Are we really supposed to ignore the undeniable biological differences between men and women, regardless of personal identity? It’s a disservice to women and girls when biological men are allowed to compete in women’s sports, placing them at a clear disadvantage and robbing them of well-deserved recognition for their hard work and perseverance. Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration has released regulations that strip states of their ability to protect women and girls from discrimination in athletics, completely disregarding the impact of biological differences on women’s sports.

Protecting women’s sports isn’t discrimination, it’s fairness. Allowing biological males to compete against females destroys a level playing field and erases the hard-won achievements of female athletes. With this bill, we are fighting to right this wrong and ensure fairness for all athletes.

You can read more about the Protection of Women and Girls in Sport Act and access the full text here.