H.R. 5525 | Continuing Appropriations and Border Security Enhancement Act

Looking Into Legislation:

CRs have rightfully earned strong criticism because they have been used to replace Regular Order, and I have opposed and remain opposed to using a CR that way. The approach of H.R. 5525 is rooted in the need for a responsible and transparent budgeting process. The House needs to pass its appropriations bills before the September 30 deadline, so it’s clear that the House needs more time to follow Regular Order. 

Our Take:

Rep. Chip Roy of Texas is one of the authors of a one-month continuing resolution (CR). It includes an 8% reduction in federal funding from FY2023 levels, a desperately needed border security bill, and no funding for Ukraine. House Republicans are committed to passing fiscally responsible bills through the Democratic-controlled Senate and White House. That’s why I support this very short-term CR to provide the House with a little more time to conduct the appropriations work openly and in accordance with House Rules and established procedures. 

Our commitment is to pass fiscally responsible bills that can navigate the Democratic-controlled Senate and White House. By allowing the House to deliberate properly and complete our work, we aim to ensure that the American people have a voice in shaping their government’s spending priorities while also avoiding opaque, log-jammed spending.