H.R. 357, the Ensuring Accountability in Agency Rulemaking Act

H.R. 357, the Ensuring Accountability in Agency Rulemaking Act mandates that agency rules must be issued and signed by officials appointed and confirmed by the President and the Senate. This move aims to place rule-making authority in the hands of accountable officials, not liberal interests in Washington. 

Status: Passed the House and received in the Senate. Read twice and referred to the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Our Take: 

This legislation aims to curb the influence of unelected bureaucrats, who have historically held significant sway over regulatory decisions despite not being accountable to the taxpayer. Ultimately, it establishes a system where elected leaders and the electorate have greater oversight and control over the regulatory process, reducing the potential for unchecked bureaucratic power.

“I really appreciate this bill getting passed to go after the rulemaking process because it’s something I hear from constituents all the time. That’s what they have the most problems with: unelected bureaucrats making rules for things they’ve never seen and don’t understand.” – Michelle Fischbach